Our company is a fast-growing specialist in the development of tailor-made special purpose machinies.
In our works, we rely on our solid expertise, patents and professional experience gained in the automotive industry. Our products made a large number of quality production possible.

For planning, we apply state-of-the-art 3D design system. Thanks to these system, we can put a lot of emphasis on the complete service of consumer needs alredy in the planning phase. As a result of the joint development works we can support our clients in a cost-efficient way. For the implementation/testing/assembly of the designed machineries our own complex workshop is at dispotal.

The majority of our developments are used in the quality control of mass production in the automotive industry. In the field of quality control, our products range from the simplest jigs to very complex devices.

The majority of our works are centered on the design and production of tailor-made mechanical and automatic devices used in the quality conrol process. Our developments/devices are used by some of the globally most recognized carmakers. To name a few: VW (PQ25 engine support), Audi (cylinder head valve seat), Mercedes (X20, GrTr, consol), KIA (backseat), BMW (F11 headrest, seat).

Our partners usually contact us with their special needs emerging during the production / development process.

We also have a close and fruitful relationship with the Budapest-based R&D center of ROBERT BOSCH Ltd. As a permanent supplier, we work on the vehicle control units by applying an enchanced milling technology directly development for their special requirements. In addition, we help them satisfy their unique design and/or production needs which occurred during the development process.

The cornerstone of our business philosophy is quality. We strive for excellence and flexibility in everything we do in order to meer our clients' needs and, if possible, exceed their expectations.