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Our company is a dynamically developing enterprise with extensive experience in the development of unique target machines and production equipment.
In the course of our work, we rely on our many years of experience in the automotive industry, our precision, our own patents and our special processes. The quality production of many plants was realized with the help of the tools we made.

We use a modern 3D design system to develop our products. With the help of these, we place great emphasis on serving the full range of customer needs already in the planning phase of our projects. Thus, as a result of joint development work, we can support our partners with high-quality, cost-effective production equipment.

We have our own complex production workshop for the construction of the planned devices. We also install and test our equipment here. Most of our developments are delivered to the quality assurance and manufacturing areas of automotive mass production. Various machining, assembly, inspection, measuring, equipment. In the field of quality assurance, from simple devices to high-complexity combined inspection devices.

A significant part of our assignments is the design and manufacture of individual mechanical inspection devices and welding tools. The components of the products of many reputable car factories are inspected and manufactured with the devices we design. Without claiming completeness; we supplied tools for the production of VW (engine mount), Audi (Cylinder head valve seat), Mercedes (Engine center console), KIA (Rear seat row) BMW (Headrest, seat) parts, in-process inspection.

Our partners often contact us with special needs during the manufacturing process. Whether it’s tooling the manufacturing process or inspecting products.

We maintain a close relationship with the Budapest development center of ROBERT BOSCH Kft. As a continuous supplier, we perform special machining for them with the new technology we have developed. Our cooperation extends to solving individual design and production tasks during their developments.

At the heart of our business policy is quality and the highest possible level of service to our partners. With our expertise and experience, we are at the disposal of our partners for dynamic development and a successful future.